Cosmetic Services

Learn More About Our Cosmetic Dentistry Services

Cosmetic dentistry takes general dentistry several steps further by focusing on the function and form, as well as the aesthetics of your smile. In short, it’s an effective way of keeping your teeth performing optimally while looking terrific. The advancement of new materials and the introduction of state-of-the-art techniques gives Dr. Shroff the ability to correct common dental problems while giving you the smile of your dreams.

Brighten Up Your Smile With Our Teeth Whitening

Dr. Shroff is committed to combining science and artistry to correct problems such as teeth stains, gaps, chips, missing teeth, and other imperfections with the latest methods designed to give you effective, long-lasting results. We offer personalized care and treatment, custom-tailored to each of our patients. Our goal is to restore function and beauty to your teeth through cosmetic dentistry and teeth whitening, and give you the smile that lights up the room!

Teeth Whitening & Other Cosmetic Dental Services:

  • Porcelain Dental Veneers
  • Porcelain Crowns
  • Dental Bonding
  • Teeth Whitening
  • Smile Design
  • Invisalign
  • Dental Bridges 
  • Veneers

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