Dental Fillings

At All Bright Dental, we provide patients with composite resin white fillings.  Composite fillings are bonded or "glued" in place to the tooth on a microscopic level. The pros to using composite fillings are that they can be very small in size and adapt to any shape of the cavity, come in a wide variety of colors to match your smile, and have no chance of darkening a tooth over time.

Silver fillings are known as amalgam, only come in one color and has the tendency to tarnish and percolate into the tooth over long periods of time. Therefore, a gradual darkening of the tooth occurs.  If a cavity is too small, the silver filling still has to be a sufficient size for proper hold and strength.  Many amalgam fillings even have mercury in them! At All Bright Dental, contact us today if you are interested in making a consultation to replace your silver fillings.